Upcoming ARM Events

Opportunities to Medic


August 27 – 30 : RNC in Tampa, FL
September 4-6: DNC in Charlotte, NC

Opportunities to Learn


July 6-8th: 20hr Street Medic training in Nashville, TN. Find the registration form here. And visit this site for more details, or contact ali@alesandra.net with questions.

July 14 & 15: Bob Linde is coming to Atlanta to teach “Beyond Herbs : Barefoot Doctoring”. He will cover techniques outside of normal herbalism such as auricular therapy (ear diagnosis and treatment), moxabustion, basic acupressure, Chinese dietary theory, and qui gong breathing. Visit www.georgiaherbalistsguild.org/monthly-meetings.html for more information, prices and registration.

July 20-22: 20hr Street Medic training in Asheville, NC. Contact Katuah Medics for more information.

2nd or 3rd week of August (not yet determined): Possible mini Spreading the Health Conference in Atlanta, GA

August ______ : Leah Wolfe is coming to Atlanta, GA teach Disaster Relief Herbalism (16th) for the GA Herbalist Guild. There may also be a training on the 15th of some kind, but that is TBD. Go to http://www.georgiaherbalistsguild.org (Go to the calendar to see full description and prices once it is posted).


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