In the News

“Medics Trained for NATO Protests”

“Meet Colorado’s activist medics, a rouge band of good Samaritans”

“Anarchist and self-trained, are street medics the future of first aid?”

“News report of the Occupy Wall Street protests: A teacher’s assistant from Brooklyn spent several minutes on her knees, gasping and choking as a medic administered a mixture of water and Maalox to counter the effects of the spray.”

“Bahrain sentences medics to 20 medics to 15 years in prison each, for the crime of treating protesters”

“Two street medics targeted for arrest at NC DreamTeam immigration rally September 6.”

Article about the harassment of a street medic at an immigrant’s rigthts protest in Phoenix Az

Interview with Rosehip Medic Collective of Portland, OR

Adaptations Ruth E. Berggren, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 354:1550-1551, April 13, 2006. 

“The Street Samaritans”

“Meet the BALM Squad”

“Dangerous Medicine: For street medics tending to FTAA protesters, neutrality was no match for brutality”




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